Drinking Water Quality Compliance Webinar

SAMS Water Features

    Manage compliance monitoring schedules and resources.

    Track individual contaminant results.

   Receive automatic alerts on upcoming monitoring requirements.

   Receive automatic alerts on reduced monitoring or waiver qualifications.

   Receive automatic warnings on impending SDWA Violations.

   Seamlessly import external laboratory results.

   Generate Consumer Confidence Reports.

   Generate status reports and presentation graphics.

   Maintain records and maps of sampling sites.

   Always be confident that the number of samples you collect is the right number.

   Streamlined compliance monitoring.

   Dashboard for a quick system-specific compliance system (aka systems).

   Trending and charting of sample data.

   Automated workflow integration and email correspondence for routine task.

   Automated updates when regulations change.

SAMSWater Webinar         

Learn about recent compliance requirements for Federal and state requirements.

   Sampling scheduling management and best practices.

   Use of geo-spatial techniques to reduce cost and more efficiently plan scheduling sampling based on mandatory and User defined requirements.

   Use custom reporting to generate reports with a single click solution.

  Simplify and efficiently manage CCR requirements.


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