About Us

When SAMS platform was built, it was built with a purpose to help a utility manage entire compliance and data needs with a true single unified architecture. Unified architecture allows users to reuse experiences, integrations and knowledge across multiple departments.

Learn locally, apply globally

Automate all manual processes

SAMS was built with automation in mind. All processes that can be automated should be automated. Automation needs to be out of the box automation and no custom coding should be required. So, SAMS was able to create automation tools to send out alerts, notices, dashboards, text messages and integrations (internal and external resources) that are truly out of the box.

Reuse data from anywhere

SAMS was built with a concept that any data from any source digital should be imported into SAMS with no manual retyping or custom integrations. SAMS allows seamless data import from any data sources through out of the box integrations. SAMS provides technologies for data capture where you are missing tools and technologies to collect data.

Prevent Brain drain

With out of the box data structure and forms to support all known needs and full extension capabilities, SAMS can allow full knowledge capture and digitization. SAMS allows utilities an ability to continue seamless operations during change of staff, retirements or other events that suddenly removes a knowledge hub.

Out of the box-fully
customizable software

SAMS was built to function fully out of the box but at the same time allow users to customize any and all aspects of data capture, mobile field data collection, reporting and notifications.

Software built for the compliance specialist and built by compliance specialist

SAMS was built by industry experts, including former employees of government, regulatory agencies, compliance specialists, software engineers and researchers. Many of our experts have worked with EPA and other regulatory agencies.