EPA Water: Drinking Water Training System

The DWTS is web based and does not require any special software other than your web browser and Adobe Flash Player (free download). The site URL is

EPA developed the site and training modules using Adobe Captivate software and it is open to anyone with interest in learning about basic drinking water regulations.

Site registration is required so that the system can track your progress through the training courses. Registration is fast and easy allowing immediate access to the site.

The 130 modules are available for use as standalone topics or can be grouped into ‘curriculums’ based upon the user’s training preference. The Curriculum Builder page is the first step in building a list of modules and again, it is very user friendly. Multiple curriculums can be created and each is assigned a unique set of training modules. For example, thirteen modules were included in one curriculum by using the pull down selections.

Each module contained in the curriculum will take 15-20 minutes to complete – followed by a short quiz containing 4-5 questions. Credit for passing the module is noted on the curriculum summary page provided all quiz questions are answered correctly. Quizzes can be retaken until the module is passed. The system allows users to save their work and return at a later time to finish. Upon completing all the modules in the curriculum, the user is given a certificate of completion. Unfortunately, at this time EPA is not giving CEUs because each State has set their own acceptance requirements for them.

SAMS Water has made it easy for your staff to access EPA’s Drinking Water Training System by using the ‘External Link’ on the top ribbon and selecting ‘DWTS” from the pull down menu.



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