SAMS Introduces Asset and
Work Order Management Tool

SAMS provides state of the art technologies for Utility Information Management Tools for water, wastewater, crossconnection, pretreatment, air quality and storm water management programs. SAMS has expanded its portfolio to include Asset, Work Order Management and Inventory Management tool “SAMS Asset Management”.

Why do you need SAMS Asset Management?

It is pivotal for an organization to keep detailed information to maintain and sustain utility infrastructure in an organized way but with a process which is automated, streamlined and involves minimal manual work. SAMS provides asset information, inventory management and work order management all organized in one location using your workflows. SAMS is built with the concept for providing a single platform for accessing all information. The platform provides information for collecting information, integrating and importing data from other technologies, dashboards, reports and automated workflows.

How do we help?

SAMS asset management is an affordable and cost effective solution dedicated to add new assets, create work orders, generate schedules on specific period, assign schedules and some more additional per your requirement as it is highly customizable. One product for all your asset management needs: vertical and horizontal asset performance management, mobile workforce management, inventory management and more!

What do you get?

  • Powerful GIS integration for cities to leverage their existing GIS infrastructure for their field operators
  • Automated workflow management
  • Asset, parts and inventory tracking including audit logs, history and schedules tracking
  • QR code integration and Mobile App implementation
  • Reminders, dashboards and reports all built in and more..

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